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$150 & UP
Kinky twists are a type of hair style used by women with naturally curly or kinky hair. They are considered a "protective" hair style because it keeps the natural hair as is, without the use of harsh chemicals or heat tools. You use hair extensions to create a textured, even and full look around your head.
$180 & UP
Tree braids are a natural type of hair extension that is increasing in popularity. Unlike other types of hair extensions, tree braids don't require heat, chemicals or needles. Instead, a series of braids and knots are used to hold the hair extensions in place.
$180 & UP
Micro Braids, also known as mini-braids or invisible braids. Many consider these braids to be high-maintenance, with importance placed on the care for micro braids not only while you have the braids, but also before getting the braids and after removing the braids.
$150 & UP
Invisible braids are braids that are so thin that the tiny braids almost appear to be strands of hair rather than braids. They are smaller than micro braids. They can be seen, but if done well, they are difficult to see unless a person examines the hair closely. The hair is braided about an inch and left free on the ends.
$200 & UP
Senegalese twists are a popular hairstyle sported by many trendy women. It can be much easier to put in and take out when compared to traditional braids, and the look can be created with both natural hair and hair extensions.
$85 & UP
Cornrow, which is also called as 'canerow', is a traditional West African hairstyle in which the hair is braided real close to the scalp with the help of an underhand. Corn rows vary in design that can be as simple or very sexy. This style is gin The Brazilian hair extension method is the most recent technique.
$120 & UP
One of our stylists will help you find the perfect weave for your needs. Choose from a variety of styles including sew-in weave and master color.